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Dear students,
welcome to our Hyong-Homepage. The Hyong is a stylised, fixed pattern against an imaginary opponent. In total 25 Hyongs were developed, all of which are presented here. The Hyong is the basis of all of techniques. Virtually all the basic techniques are encompassed in the Hyongs and transmitted to the student. In training, these techniques can of course be freely varied and made correspondingly more complex. 
From an historical perspective, the Hyong comprises elements from the ancient and modern forms of Korean martial arts mixed with elements of Japanese Karate and Chinese Kung Fu. The techniques are over 2000 years old. The Hyong has a meditative character. It brings the student to the here and now and joins body and mind together in that the idea is carried through to the body. Morevover, regular and constant training is advantageous in terms of self-defence in that by practising the movements over and over again and thus automating them, we are able to retrieve them at a moment´s notice in emergency situations. In addition, regular practice the muscular system is boosted, the heart and circulatory systems are stimulated, the Chi flow is strengthened and improved and breathing is also improved. All joints and muscles are trained, blood supply to the muscles is improved and moreover, concentration, awareness and focus are increased.

I myself have been active for 30 years and have been teaching Taekwondo for 25 years. I have acquired my knowledge from dozens of Grand Masters, World Champions and experts and have set, what I consider to be the most revealing and effective techinques as our main version of the forms. In the online videos, however,we do present the other versions.

In total there are four sections on our Homepage:
The first section is the Hyong in Diagram. Here all 25 forms are presented.
->The second section is the Hyong Facing Front. Here 10 Hyongs are presented.
-> The third section is the Hyong in Combat. Here we present 8 Hyongs.
->The fourth section is the Hyong in Practice. Here we present refinements and technique variations of the first 20 forms.

I wish you a lot of fun in practicing and training these beautiful forms.

See you soon,
Your Grand Master,
Dr. Andreas Held

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