When one starts with Taekwondo, one naturally has the aim of one day becoming a Black Belt - an aim that seems very distant when one starts. Now one has the opportunity of perfecting oneself over the internet with the highly professional videos of Sabomnim Dr. Held. A wonderful idea that I will certainly be using.

Reinhild Doctor

I am not that advanced and have in my wife, Reinhild a wonderul additional teacher. I will, however, definitely be watching the videos and use these to help me become more aware of any uncertainties I have in my Hyongs.

Alexander Doctor

At my ripe age of 78, one does not really dream of becoming a Black Belt. But - who knows - maybe the videos might allure me into fulfilling that wish.

Gerd Pensioner

I actually really enjoy Live Training, but have to say that these videos are so professional and educational that one can´t get by without them.

Nasife Employee

I am really busy with my studies and can´t go to training as much as I want to. So I am sure these videos will really help me advance further. A super idea.

Thomas School pupil

The videos are really very helpful and will certainly contribute to technical accuracy. They should also definitely be able to answer a range of questions about the Hyongs.

Monika Milde

The quality of the recordings is excellent. The movements are very clearly visible and they are certainly an enrichment to helping one improve one´s Hyongs.


I am a passionate Taekwondo student. The Hyongs are an important part of my training. Now I can practice them at any time and, in addition, get very good explanations about the Hyongs.

Nikola Milojcevic, 20 Commercial employee

The videos are very professional - exactly like Andreas Held´s training. Thanks so much!

Stephani Berka

Super professional presentation! At last I can watch the Hyongs if I forget a movement, which happens quite a lot unfortunately. And it´s not just me - now the whole family can also extend their knowledge.

Dr. Christine Allen Psychiatrist

The videos are perfect. Very well explained and executed. I can certainly use them to improve my technique. Besides which, the sequence of movements are a lot of fun!

Wolfgang Schanik-Vysata, 53 Teacher

The hyong.at videos help me very much. They give me the opportunity to practice the Hyongs at my leisure and to perfect them.

Michael von der Osten-Sacken Pensioner

My job means that I am often travelling and I can´t come regularly to training. Now I can train the Hyongs regulary at any time and in any place. I have been waiting a long time for this possibility.

Walter Freudenberger, 55 Commercial traveler

Finally hyong.at! Thanks to this program I can now prepare myself for my exams much better.

Benjamin Glatzer, 17 Apprentice

The 24 choreographed patterns of movement that follow a predetermined sequence of steps (“Form” or “Hyong”) simulate a fight against one or more imaginary opponents. They serve to train patterns of movements, to increase concentration and basic positions and to develop one’s own style of movement. In the light of sports medicine, these meditative patterns of movement lead to an efficient cardio-vascular training, an improved flexibility in the joints and also to a reduction of psycho-social stress.

Dr. Wolfram Stix, 2. DAN General practitioner, sports physician, psychotherapist

Through regular training of the Hyongs, a predetermined sequence of kicks, blocks, jumps and turns, the brain is kept fit and is challenged. While carrying out the movements, the two brain halves are connected quite intensely and a lot of processing gets done. This has the effect of increasing a sense of well-being and heightening the mood, while problems are solved without having to consciously think. Additionally, concentration and memory retention are trained attesting to the prevention of memory disorders. Furthermore, the sense of balance and one´s posture are both improved and one is able to maintain a powerful, athletic figure.

Dr. Katharina Lichtenberger-Reinberg Psychologist and Psychotherapist

I find the term “universal sport” much more apt as politeness, integrity, stamina, self-discipline and invincibility – the basic principles of Taekwondo – are also the universal components of a self-determined, fulfilled life.

Dr. Andreas Mailath-Pokorny Councilman for Culture, Science and Sport, City of Vienna

Here you will find a high level of sports for all and competitive sport at the highest level. All this 365 days per year. This ingenious system is self-maintaining without any recourse to public funding I am very impressed and I congratulate you all!

Mag. Hans Peter Doskozil Federal Minister for Defence and Sport

What I like about the Hyongs are the different sequence of movements. I find it fascinating that these choreographies present a fight against an imaginary opponent.

Van Maddox Vukovic, 12 School pupil

The Hyongs are a lot of fun and with the hyong.at program, I can finally also train at home.

Vivien-Mia Vukovic, 7 School pupil

The hyong.at program is just great! At last I can practice independently when I want to and where I want to. Like this I can prepare myself much better for the exams.

Ermuun Bat, 9 School pupil

I am a keen Taekwondo student! The Hyongs especially are great fun for me and they have helped me improve my concentration. Now with the hyong.at program, I can practice these patterns more intensively.

Alia Hasanovic, 6 School pupil

Taekwondo is a very versatile sport! I find the Hyong patterns the most exciting. With hyong.at I can improve my basic techniques for the Hyong.

Keiwan Yaba, 11 School pupil