General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Contractual partner

On basis of this terms of service, the contract between the customer (in the following called student), and  GO-FOR-BLACK-BELT GmbH

represented by Dr. Andreas Held adress: Reichsratstrasse 17, 1010 Wien
phone: +43 660 517 4787
Trade register: Vienna
Trade registration number: FN472881p
Tax identification number: AT724843458 

(in the following called provider) is established.  

Object of contract 

With this contract the sales of services for martial arts through the Online-System of the provider are regulated. For details about the different types of services we refer to the product-description of our homepage. 

Contract formation  

The contract is established exclusively with the online-system of the provider. The services presented are a nonbinding offer to purchase, any service the customer choose.  The contract conclusion in the shop system is established by the following steps:  
  • registration as a customer on the homepage
  • charging the customer account with a minimum of € 10,-
  • selection of the desired video
  • by clicking the video of your choice the price is booked from your customer account
  • you get access to the chosen video for one hour
  • the invoice is sent to your E-mail account
Contract duration  

The contract  is established for a indeterminate time, and can be canceled by the student or the provider at any given time.     


All prices represent the final price including taxes.

Hyong Video in diagram 

Hyong 1-8: 1 hour 99 cent
Hyong 9-13: 1 hour 199 cent
Hyong 14-19: 1 hour 299 cent
Hyong 20-25: 1 hour 499 cent

Hyong Video in front

Hyong 1,2: 1 hour 99 cent
Hyong 4,6,8: 1 hour 199 cent
Hyong 9,10,12,16,18: 1 hour 299 cent

Hyong Video in fight

Hyong 2: 1 hour 99 cent
Hyong 7,8,9,10,13: 1 hour 299 cent
Hyong 16,18: 1 hour 499 cent

Hyong Video in application

Hyong 1-20: 1 hour 499 cent

Payment methods  

The student can pay exclusively using the following options:   
  • direct transfer account to account
  • payment service provider (PayPal …)
  • credit card
 No other payment methods are offered or validated. By using a payment service provider, payment is established between the student and the provider (, through the payment service provider, which transfers the money from student to provider) For more information, please check the homepage of the payment service provider of your choice. If payment is transferred by credit card, the student must be the owner of the credit card. The debit of the credit card takes place after registration at  If the student contravenes the terms of contract or terms of service, or the student is doing bad word-of-mouth advertising in public, social media platforms or forums, the provider has the right to block the customer without satisfying any deadlines.      

Contract design  

The student has no option to directly change or alter the saved contract-text. The student can correct mistakes in his entry, made during the process of order, directly by erasing his input. The provider chooses trainers and teachers. The student cannot make any personal claims. Everybody is responsible for their own success. Not using the teaching-videos or teaching-offers of  does not entitle the student to demand any refund . The provider is permitted to change the terms of service unilateral. The student has to agree to the changes, as long as they are justified and reasonable to the student.   The student is obliged to inform the provider of any changes of his data including (Name, address, e-mail, phone, account data etc.). In case  that single terms of the contract are not validated, all other terms of the contract stay valid.   

Right of withdrawal – cancellation policy  

The student has the right to withdraw from the contract , 14 days without giving reasons. The deadline for cancellation is 14 days, from the day of the completed order.  To use your right of withdrawal you need to inform us,  GO-FOR-BLACK-BELT GmbH Dr. Andreas Held Reichsratstrasse 17, 1010 Wien  by a clear e-mail, that you want to withdraw from the contract.  To keep your right of withdrawal, you just need to be in time of the deadline for cancellation.

 Consequences of withdrawal  

If you cancel the contract, we have to refund every payment, we received from you, by using the same transaction method you choose for transaction, unless both parties agreed specifically on another method of transaction. No additional costs or fees are accounted. The right of withdrawal expires with the first use of our service.


Legal Disclaimer  

Demands of compensation for the student are excluded. This is also valid of representatives or a vicarious agents of the provider if the student is claiming compensation against them. The student is utilizing the teaching-videos on his own risk. The provider and/or the representatives or vicarious agents, cannot be held responsible for injuries or damages that happen to the student because of the teaching-videos. For force majeure, coincidence or deficiencies that happen with the regular observance of diligance or things that are obvious to the student, the provider cannot be held liable. The provider, his representatives and/or vicarious agents, is only responsible for material damage financial loss or culpable negligence, if done on purpose. Liabilty is specially excluded, if the teaching or exam subjects are not used accordingly or the student does not follow the instructions of the teaching personnel. The provider keeps the right to close the homepage for maintenance work on the page or the service, once a while, therefor the homepage can be offline for short times. The student has no right to claim refund, or compensation on any legal cause or basis.  

Language, place of jurisdiction and applied right 

The contract is established in english. Place of jurisdiction is the place of the provider.   


In context of initiation, conclusion, execution and rescinded transaction of the purchase contract on bases of this terms of contract, the provider is evaluating, saving and collecting data, accordingly to the legal terms of law. The provider is not passing any given data of the student to third parties, except the provider is legally obliged to do so, or the student explicitly granted the provider the permission to do so. If in context of processing the data, a third party is involved, this is happening accordingly to the data-protection-act of the state. The data provided by the student in the process of ordering and buying the service, is only used for contact confirmation, and only processed for the purpose of establishing the contract. The company for transferring the product and or services, is only given the data that is exclusively needed to provide the service to the student. Account data is given to the Credit-institute in process of completing the order. As far the provider has to apply to the legal period of retention, sales and tax laws, data can be saved up to ten years. During the visit on our homepage, the non personal provided data, especially IP-addresses, date, time, browser, operating system, and visited pages, is recorded. On request of the student, all personal data can be erased, corrected, or blocked.For questions or requests, for erasing, correcting or blocking personal data as well as collecting, processing and using data the student can write to the following address:  GO-FOR-BLACK-BELT GmbH Dr. Andreas HeldReichsratstrasse 17, 1010 Wien  

Copyright/ ancillary copyright  

The contents, works, and provided information are liable on the austrian laws of copyright and ancillary copyright. Every kind of duplication, reproduction, processing, saving, or any kind of exploitation out of the bounds of the legal copyright requires written confirmation of the legal right holder.  

Unauthorized copying/saving or creating any kind of bootleg of the provided videos on of  is strictly prohibited and indictable with a minimum penalty of 100.000,- €  upwards.