Hyong intensive seminar in Kloster Roggenburg

08.12.2017 | News

Over Pentecost we will be travelling to the hometown of our Sabomnim! The Hyong Intensive seminar will be taking place this time in Kloster Roggenburg right in the midst of Bavarian-Swabian nature, culture and spirituality. In the Kloster Guest House, the finest cuisine and wine are on offer. The seminar costs 399,- Euro for 3 nights in a double room with full board and lodging and includes the seminar room, hall, seminar costs, fire walk, barbecue evening with food and drinks. The themes and main topics are: intensive Hyong course, extreme experiences, breathing points, internal Chi work, history of martial arts, history of Taekwondo., basic Chinese Medicine and much more. Friends and family are welcome to join. There are great day-trip possibilities such as Legoland, boat rides on the Roggenburger Lake, the Old City of Ulm etc..

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